Analysts: Weapons in Saudi attack similar to Iranian ones

Analysts: Weapons in Saudi attack similar to Iranian onesA cruise missile and drone fragments that Saudi Arabia says it recovered from an attack on its oil industry bear similarities to Iranian-manufactured weapons, though more information is needed to make a definitive link, analysts told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Particularly striking was the cruise missile, which they said resembled a Quds-1 missile previously displayed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels during a televised weapons exhibition in July. “It did not come from Yemen,” said Michael Elleman, a missile expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

From oil shocks to funding strains, Fed confronts new complexities

The Federal Reserve will conclude its latest policy meeting on Wednesday buffeted by conflicting economic data, under steady pressure from the White House for steep interest rate cuts, and confronted as well with an unexpected jump in overnight borrowing costs that may require action on its own.