Monstrous space explosions may be showering nearby galaxy in gold

Mergers of this magnitude are so violent they rattle the fabric of space-time, releasing gravitational waves that spread through the cosmos like ripples on a pond. These mergers also fuel cataclysmic explosions that create heavy metals in an instant, showering their galactic neighborhood in hundreds of planets’ worth of gold and platinum, the authors of the new study said in a statement. (Some scientists suspect that all the gold and platinum on Earth formed in explosions like these, thanks to ancient neutron-star mergers close to our galaxy.)

Pound slides as Brexit uncertainty dents UK manufacturing

Pound slides as Brexit uncertainty dents UK manufacturingThe pound slid once more Monday as data revealed a slump in UK manufacturing fuelled by Brexit uncertainty and wider global growth weakness, traders said. Sterling was down around half a percent versus the dollar and euro approaching midday in London. “Sterling fell out of bed as the UK manufacturing sector was shown to suffer its sharpest decline in seven years,” said Neil Wilson, chief market analyst at