Lou Dobbs to Trump: Why Not Threaten Military Strikes Against Iran’s Oil Industry?

Lou Dobbs to Trump: Why Not Threaten Military Strikes Against Iran’s Oil Industry?Fox Business sponsor and Trump whisperer Lou Dobbs seemed to nudge President Trump toward threatening Iran with military strikes on Tuesday night, saying the president should not get involved with a ground war but rather make it very clear that he’ll turn the country’s oil sector into”dust” The New York Times reported Monday that the White House is mulling a plan which would send 120,000 troops to the Middle East when Iran attacks U.S. forces or ramps up nuclear weapon development, prompting Trump to attack the Times as”fake news” on Tuesday before Slimming down and saying he would dictate”a hell of a whole lot more” troops than that. Throughout his Fox Business Network series Lou Dobbs Tonight, Dobbs–who is frequently patched into Trump’s Oval Office meetings–said the president is not thinking about a ground war with Iran but”he’s not likely to set up with some more nonsense.” Claiming two presidents earlier Trump”put up with the killing of thousands of those soldiers in Iraq by Iran,” Dobbs switched to former Trump adviser Christian Whiton, that said Iran has witnessed itself in war with the United States since 1979. Whiton went on to commend the president for presenting a”fresh Trump Doctrine,” that he explained as”not interventionist” and”maybe perhaps not neoconservative.” However, Dobbs, seemingly not entirely impressed by Trump Iran plan, proposed the administration should perhaps the ante up. “Let me only ask you very quickly, why don’t you make it very clear to this ayatollahs that if you mess farther with us, we will not commit troops, however we will reduce your whole infrastructure to dust?” The series of dobbs, whose, wondered. “And by that, I mean that their entire oil business upon which they are utterly dependent?” Whiton stated that would be”just the ideal thing to do” along with the Trump administration”should be aware.” Taking their oil refineries and nuclear processing capacities, he said, could place Iran in a”bad posture.” Read more in The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper. Find out more.

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